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Please check with our agents about the availability of our products.

Customer Service

Wonders of Rock™ offers personalized customer service to all customers and providing great service is our top priority.

We aim to help, educate and offer authentic collectibles to our clients. Each piece can be custom designed and framed to meet the collector’s individual needs. We decided to enter this business because we share your passion when it comes to music and cinema.

In our site you will find the artist, the band or the movie you love and we will offer beautifully framed hand signed materials. We work directly with USA renowned Rock professionals who have captured great moments in history of all our favorites.

Browse to easily locate the autograph or the artist you want. If you don’t find what you want, contact us and let us know, we will try hard to get it for you.

Whether you are looking for something rare such as a Guitar signed by the four Beatles, or Jimmy Hendrix, or Pink Floyd or U2 or even an autographed Laser disc of Indiana Jones, to all valuable vinyl albums, drum heads or posters, WoR has it.

If you want a custom made different frame or want your item to be displayed in a totally new way, talk to us, we will help you getting what you want to fit your collection the best way possible.

Placing Orders:

We pride ourselves in offering great customer service and we try to communicate with each client before a purchase is made or the client can also talk to us before placing any order.

As many of our items are exhibited in the USA, they can also be offered for sale by other dealers, so, once you place an order, we will check availability of the item, block it for you and give you a confirmation within 24 hours of your order. If the item has been sold in the mean time between your order and Wonders of Rock blocking the item for you, we will return your money at no expense to you or be glad to exchange it for any other item you may want.

Contact us : , or by the following phones :

Brazil: +55 (11) 2507-4223, Argentina: +54 (11) 3968-2054, USA: +1 (908) 955-4168 

Payment methods include:

All major Credit Cards and Pay Pal
, Money Order
, and Wired Funds

Shopping online at with your credit card is completely safe. Your credit card information is encrypted using the latest security technology. In fact, we never even see your credit card number when you order online! If you are not comfortable entering your credit card information in our secure checkout process, simply email us ( ) or call the above numbers letting us your message, we will return your message fast. 

Shipping and Delivery:

We ship worldwide and will try for the best method to deliver as fast as possible, while ensuring quality packing and transport.

 We thank you for your business and for giving us the opportunity to assist you with your collection or special gift.

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